Tunesmith Music offers a wide variety of music preparation, arranging and composing services.

We begin with our award-winning music engraving and preparation service. Tunesmith will take your hand-written manuscript, scanned digital files, MIDI files or pre-existing music file and turn it into beautiful publisher-ready PDF or hard copy. Should your project include instrumental or vocal parts, you will be provided with accurate, cued parts – comfortably readable, with appropriate layout and page turns.

Tunesmith has provided preparation services for a wide variety of uses: performance materials, video game and film production, musical figures for periodicals and text books, and product formatted for digital devices.

Tunesmith can orchestrate your simple score, adapt from one ensemble into another or arrange your full score into an idiomatic piano reduction.

In addition to musical matters, Tunesmith is happy to provide covers and other text based pages with artful designs and graceful presentations. We offer a wide array of font possibilities including non-western and asian character sets.

Please refer to our list of friends and clients as well as testimonials from happy customers. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions, wish to discuss pricing or have an estimate prepared! We are happy to be of service!